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Windows 8 Laptops, All in Ones up for sale at HSN, But Shipping next Month

Windows 8 Laptops AIOs HSN Sale

Microsoft Windows 8 will be going live on October 26, but before the official release the online store (Home Shopping Network) has put up Windows 8 Laptops and All-In-One PCs for sale. According to initial reports from ZDNet, HSN told that these PCs will be shipped right away. This report made customers hop on to order the PCs.

But these initial reports of shipping the Windows 8 PCs before launch date was contradicted by a report from The Verge that these PCs will not be shipped until next month, which is after the Official launch. It seems HSN has clarified that the shipping will be starting from first week of November.

Talking of the listings in HSN, the offer includes 5 Acer and Gateway PCs including two Gateway notebook PCs, One Acer notebook and two Acer All-In-One PCs  with Windows 8 preinstalled. The details page of this Acer all-in-one PC makes it clear that it comes with Windows 8, not just an option to upgrade in the future. The installed Windows 8 is a 64-bit Windows 8–the base edition, not Windows 8 Pro.

Endorsing the Windows 8 Touch UI experience, the Acer notebook and both all-in-ones are equipped with touchscreens. ZDNet correctly points out that these PCs might have been designed for Windows 8. The Windows Button Logo is the new Windows Logo pointing that these PCs are not just installed with Windows 8 but are designed for it.

We are hoping to get on-hand on an Official Windows 8 PC soon. Look out for more updates.

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