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Windows 8 PCs Now Available on Display for Trial at Best Buy Store

Best Buy Windows 8 Laptop DisplayThe latest Microsoft’s Windows 8 is now available for pre-orders at several stores and is due launch on October 26. But prior to its launch, retail stores seems to already have stock of Windows 8 running systems and photos reveal that a Best Buy location has setup a series of HP Windows 8 running desktops and laptops for display.

The Best Buy located at St. Cloud, Minnesota has several laptops and desktops on display running Windows 8. This is the first time we’ve seen actual devices on display in stores. Based on the reports, the computers are running Windows 8 and you can check these new computers out in the store but you can’t take them with you just yet. The devices are playing Windows 8 demo videos to show off the new OS to its customers. While the computers are in stock, Best Buy is only taking pre-orders for the HP Windows 8 computers.

According to latest reports, Microsoft will offer four packages: Windows 8 Professional Upgrade ($69), Windows 8 Pro Pack ($69, product key card only), Windows 8 OEM ($99) and Windows 8 Professional ($139), with the latter two being available in both 32- and 64-bit versions (for the same price).

Best Buy Windows 8 Desktop DisplayIn the Best Buy Online shop, they have listed several laptops and desktops powered by Windows 8. Out of 16 computers, 14 are from HP(8 laptops and 4 desktops ) and 2 desktops from Asus.

If you are waiting to check out the new computers running  Windows 8, it might be a good ride to your local Best Buy to see if they have the display units out. But reports suggest that only the St. Cloud store has such setup for now. Hope they will bring up such setup in others too.

Source: WinSource

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