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Microsoft releases TV Ad for Surface, Banner Ads hints Pre-order availability today


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Microsoft has started their marketing campaign of its new Microsoft Surface with a magnificent Dancing TV advertisement  yesterday. The showcase of the Ad is that the tablet can be easily connected to or detached from the keypad. This ad is the starting of marketing campaign, out of the total budget of $400 million Microsoft has planned for the upcoming Surface Tablet. If you missed the kicked off ad for marketing campaign of the Microsoft Surface then you can watch it now on YouTube. The ad telecast on TV was during Monday Night Football and Dancing with the Stars in the US.

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Another thing we have noticed is the Banner ads for Microsoft Surface tablet currently running on the front page popular gadget sites and media sites like Gizmodo, etc. It seems as the pre-order of the tablet will be made available soon. The advertisement says that Surface is now open for pre-order and invites you to “buy now,” but while clicking on it; it redirects you to a Bing search for “Surface Microsoftstore.” Such things are seems to be an error to the advertisement running early.

When we do a quick Google search for “Surface” at the Microsoft Store, it returns a store listing that is unfortunately not yet live, but Google’s thumbnail cache reveals a product listing pricing the Surface at $0.00 — an incomplete listing, making the announcement to be sure. Traditionally Microsoft makes certain announcements on Tuesdays, therefore it looks as the wait for Surface pricing detailed and availability may be over.

There are unconfirmed reports that pricing and availability details of Surface may be made announced today- Stay tuned.

Watch the Microsoft Surface TV Ad:

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