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AMD’s 64-bit ARM Processors to launch in 2014

64bit ARM processors from AMDCurrently AMD is committing to develop a line of Opteron server chips based on the 64-bit ARM processor architecture in addition to its x86 processors for multiple markets, starting with cloud and data center servers. The ARM based Opteron server CPUs will arrive in 2014.

AMD Inc said that they are planning to pair the ARM architecture with its recently acquired SeaMicro FreedomFabric platform to connect and scale the chips in cluster deployments. The processor will be able to provide cloud service providers and web application vendors with a low-power, massively scalable processor to power large-scale data centers and server farms.

AMD 64-bit ARM processors based CPU“AMD led the data centre transition to mainstream 64bit computing with AMD64, and we will again lead the next major industry inflection point by driving the widespread adoption of energy efficient 64 bit server processors based on both the x86 and ARM architectures,” said Rory Read, president and CEO, AMD.

The technology, the SeaMicro FreedomFabric integrated in this processor can link several low-power CPUs together into a cluster before connecting the cluster to the network, making it easier to keep the CPU cores fed with data.

AMD is looking forward to a lower cost platforms in the market for taking on competitors.

Via: AnandTech

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